Instant Loans

Access finance anytime and anywhere through us. We give loans to staff of companies in our partner grid (preferential rate) and also loans to individuals in Nigeria whose companies are not our partner.

Broker Currency

Businesses and individuals can place orders and broker foreign currency transactions more conveniently than ever before. We trade in global currencies; US dollar, Pounds Sterling, Euro etc.

Flexible Insurance

Enjoy flexible insurance plans that give you access to an array of benefits including our wide network of providers with an extensive customer support. You only pay for what you want.

Mobile Money

We are leading the delivery of a bold new digital world and plan to provide innovative and easily accessible financial services to Nigerians, particularly the unbanked and underserved segments.


One Payout is a registered financial services organization incorporated with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. The focus of the Company is to cater for the financial services needs of various sectors including low-income households, entrepreneurs and emerging businesses who may or may not have access to conventional banking and related services. The Organization offers various financial services solutions i.e. Loan Financing as well as Other Financial Services including Foreign Exchange Brokerage, Insurance & Mobile Money Services

Our Mission

To become one of the foremost financial services Company that provide financial solutions to cater for both the ordinary man and businesses as they transition through life's financial cycles.

Our Vision

At One Payout we are of the vision to provide an efficient, innovative, effective and market led financial services to our clients.

Let's help make your dream a reality

Our daily activities are focused on the changing financial needs of our Clients and providing services that would meet and surpass their expectations. We ensure that we are available to provide loans in times of financial emergency, provide insurance to mitigate risks as well as meeting the diverse foreign exchange needs of our individual and corporate clients.  This is the reason why we introduce various financial services to consistently meet the value needs of our clients.



At our firm, the client always comes first. We are in this business to serve others and make a positive impact on their lives. With a passion for helping people, we enjoy building lifelong relationships with our clients and guiding them along their financial path.

Comprehensive Advice

We address your entire financial picture, from your short-term and immediate needs to your long-term goals. By offering comprehensive and integrated advice, we strive to provide clarity regarding your financial path and help you feel confident in your future.

A Team Approach

We have dedicated and experienced professionals specializing in finance. We believe our interdisciplinary approach adds a broader perspective to all that we do and allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services under a single roof.

"I think and know that you and your team deserve more credit than you actually get. You have helped me out many, many times and each time the response time has been excellent. Even though I have a full time job, there is always some obstacle – money issue – that needs to be squashed and your company is there every time. Thanks again"

Olaoluwa Taiwo Migration Hub

"Thanks for the cash advance. Your service was easy, quick and hassle free. I was amazed at how quickly the cash was in my bank account! For anyone looking for a quick and reliable cash loan, Monese Nigeria is the way to go!"

Temmy O. Fix25 Nigeria

Our Partners